Australian Defence Collective

Australian Defence Collective (the “ADC”) is a collaborative group of companies located Brisbane, Queensland, which have a proven long standing and integrated business relationship.


The companies have formed a collective to operate as a large strategically focused service provider in the manufacturing sector. As a group they can provide more comprehensive cost-effective services to customers.


Laser Central has a commitment to personable service and quality like no other within the laser cutting industry, and we are always aiming to be the Number One Metal Processing Partner for all our customers.

Leading manufacturer of custom engineered moulded suspension bushes, transmission mounts, couplings, bump stops and moulded parts for the truck, freight trailer and automotive industry

PFi undertake management, design and manufacturing to provide fabrication of individual components through to complex production lines, systems and solutions.

Our products and services include custom designed machinery, robotics and machine automation systems in combination with mechanical and electrical installation, safety systems and maintenance.

Specialised Building Projects for Specialised Building Markets:  We have the capability to provide full turnkey design and construct solutions or we can build from your plans.

ACE Materials Handling specializing in engineering and facilitating solutions for all materials handling needs.

Vecta is a service business focused on testing of cellular/ mobile RF path devices, Antennas and Active Antenna systems.

At RF Technologies, our core business is high technology product development, innovation, service and advice. Our emphasis is on the combination of mobile computing and communications technologies (RF, WiFi, Bluetooth) to provide cost effective solutions across a broad range of industries

Our Gaskets are used by sugar mills, hospitals, mining, ship building, alumina plants, railways, truck assembly plants, sewerage plants, pipeline constructions, water supply, foundries, breweries, food processing plants, fire prevention, refrigeration, sand mining and dredging, electricity generation and many other applications.

Hypersonix is a start-up company formed in 2017 to commercialise 30 years of Hypersonic technology developed at UQ.

It is developing a reusable space launch system to service the international small satellite market.